The Dissapearing d/f+2

The Disappearing d/f+2:


Originally Dragunov was introduced with a non-generic d/f+2 launcher, therefore has a unique animation, launched on normal/crouched hit, and was 10+ frame punishable on block. This was balanced by the fact that Dragunov had one of the longest ranged launchers in the game and could punish certain moves that were normally unpunishable by launch, Law's WS 2 immediately comes to mind.

Fast forward to T6, Dragunov's d/f+2 range has been toned down and instead his f+1+2 now launches on hit and has replaced d/f+2 as his long range punisher. This change is fine as f+1+2 gives incredible carry in T6 as well as tremendous damage.

Jump ahead to BR and for some reason his d/f+2 range has been tinkered with again and once again it’s for the worse. Previously in T6, Dragunov’s could punish moves like Miguels SAV d/f+2 with his own d/f+2, but once again he’s forced to rely on f+1+2 to punish. This also extends to new characters, most notably Lars. Dragunov is currently the only one in the cast who can not punish u/f+3 with a d/f+2 launch, leaving him to punish with b+4,3 instead. Also don’t expect to launch a whiffed Lar’s u/f+4 anytime soon as once again d/f+2 as it will completely miss.

What has happened:

To be honest, I’m not sure myself, it seems that sometime during the nerfing/fixing of d/f+2 the people at Namco somehow screwed up Dragunov’s d/f+2 hit box. I don’t have conclusive proof, but if it isn’t fixed by console release (it wasn't), there will be concrete data.