Back (Opponent BT) Catches

Back (Opponent BT) Catches:


Not back roll catches, but instead attacks/strings that catch the opponent BT as they are recovering. The criterion for most of these are the opponent KND in FDFT and Sergei standing near to them, usually post throw/attack throw.

The Catches:

b+2 – The most basic, safest back catch that Sergei has. On hit, a WS 1+2 follow up is guaranteed and on whiff is “safe” from guaranteed retaliation (50/50 situation, always duck).

b+2,1 – A slightly riskier but far more rewarding catch compared to b+2, by hit confirming the initial b+2, you can finish the string as b+2,1,3 which is NC to the back. After which there are options for additional guaranteed damage, such as WS 4, d+4,4 or CC d+3+4.

d+3,4 – You should notice a pattern by now, d+3,4 is a really good post KND option. On catching opponent BT, the string is NC and will leave the opponent BT. The +frames on hit aren't that great so you shouldn't necessarily rush in, but you can wait to see what the opponent will do and punish accordingly.