How to Fight Reverse Happy Players

How to Fight Reverse Happy Players


Playing against reversal happy players can be frustrating, especially as a newer player, but they tend to fall into patterns that you can exploit (e.g. newer Asuka's tend to milk b+1+3_2+4 near the wall for W! + B!).

The Chip in Their Armor

The major flaw with reversals is that during the reversal animation, the character can not reverse certain attacks, notably knees and elbows. Since Dragunov has two elbow launchers, qcf+2 and f+1+2, it's definitely in your advantage to be be on the look out for reversal traps.

Unreversable Attacks

qcf+2 – Standing launcher, extremely strong against reversals, though not safe on block

qcf+1+2 – Usually safe due to push back, but will KND giving running options post hit

iWR 2 – Parryable, but not reversable, this will usually stop opponents from reversing

qcf+4 – Knee system attack throw, not the best option but fairly strong

iWR 4 – Similar to iWR 2, Dragunov will knee AT the opponent. Tons of damage and oki.

3+4 – Launch on normal hit, safe on block, and tech frame for additional options

f+1+2 – Straight forward standing launch with tremendous carry, a strong option

Any low, preferably d/b+3 – They're reversing mids & highs, not lows, so might as well launch