Innocent Frame Traps


Hopefully before reading this far into my guide, you've read my "combating top tier" synopsis of Dragunov at a whole (found here). In there I talk about how Dragunov is so heavily dependent on frames for pressure, but with so few +frame moves on block, it can be hard to gain momentum. Luckily there's a few system tricks you can use to make something out of nothing, literally.

The Traps:

Basic 2 check

The most nonthreatening trap Dragunov has, with a range greater than a basic 1 as well as a smidgen of basic tracking, a basic 2 check can make something out of nothing. Even though the move is even on block, a simple 2 check can set up a good portion of Dragunov's traps and tricks. What makes 2 strong is that it is +9 on hit, making any follow up valid.

d+1 Trap

I love this trap, if the move could consistently hit low stances such as Ling's AOP or extremely low attacks such as Lili's d/b+4, this would easily be in Dragunov's top 10 moves. You are left in standing while they are in FC, therefore (unless they're Lee) their quickest WS option if 11 frames. Therefore your 1,2 hit confirm will always beat them, unless their WS option has a high crush on it, which is rare but possible.