Maximizing Wall Damage

Maximizing Wall Damage:


Well now that I talked about your standing wall splats, it's time to talk about maximizing your wall damage. In T6, Dragunov could W! and then immediately SS and then bobble the opponent for additional damage by using 3,1. 3,1,2 has been tinkered with and will realign on W! making it one of the most consistent wall combos for Dragunov, but unfortunately this realignment has drastically reduced his ability to squeeze additional damage out of wall splats. Luckily if you're already off-axis, the realignment can easily be countered by SS giving the older T6 style re-bobble.

Click here and here

to get an idea of how much damage potential there is using this technique.

Now obviously those are extreme cases, pre-wall splat the combos were only 2 hits long so the opponent wasn't sent flying post W!, but it should give you an idea of how much more damage you can squeeze out of basic combos.

How To:

SS to whatever wall you're closer to (if the wall is closer to your left, then SSL) and then immediately 3,1. You'll pick them up off the wall and now can perform a mini-bobble dependent on your proximity to the wall and how many hits prior was your combo. The longer the combo was, the less amount of additional attacks you can fit in.


d+4,4 – The most consistent follow up regardless of positioning and number of hits prior.

d+4,1 – Useful when a wall is close by for re-wall splat possibility

d+4,1,3 – Useful when the wall is to your right for re-wall splat, also it's Dragunov's most consistent wall combo so should be used as the final wall combo of choice.