Post Wake-Up Oki

Post Wake-Up Punishment Oki:


Building on the idea of “chaining,” it's possible to string follow up attacks with great success post wake-up punishment. Not only are they difficult to predict, but will also help keep the opponent on their toes. This isn't a definitive list for post wake-up punishment, but hopefully this will get you started.

Standing Punishment:

d/f+4 - Even though the frames aren't the best for d/f+4 on hit, the spacing on d/f+4 post hit is incredible and it gives a quite a few options.

iWR 2 buffering off d/f+4 - Pretty straight forward iWR 2 buffer using a d/f+4 as the start of the buffer. After pressing d/f, rotate the joystick forward and hold it in that position, as soon as the frame opens, quickly tap f,f and finally 2. I guess the notation would be something like d/f+4~[F]~f,f+2

Some people also feel the need to SS after a d/f+4 check and since you're at an optimal range, a b+3 check will catch them if they SS/SW.

4,1 - With +8 frames to work with on hit, you definitely have the advantage over your opponent. More options can be found here.

Wake-Up Punishment:

WS+1+2 - The oki options for post WS+1+2 are quite limited and usually a gamble due to their recovery distance. The best option is definitely WR 2 since it will catch back rolls and possibly late recoveries. Other than that, you should just wait to see what they do and act accordingly.

WS 1,3 - The is probably the only time in the game where you'll be able to use qcf+4 with great success. If they tech roll up or down (and crouch guard) out of the KND post WS 1,3, qcf+4 will be able to hit giving the 50/50 chance at additional damage and oki options. Be warned though, if they decide to back roll instead, the qcf+4 will more than likely whiff and you may get launched.