qcb+2 Traps

qcb+2 Traps:


Here's a few set ups for qcb+2 that you can use following certain moves on block. The major criterion for deciding a valid set up are as follows:

    • The move is less (better) than -8 on block, otherwise the number of frames will not be great enough to evade or you will probably get interrupted.

    • The move leaves you at about mid-range on block, as close range will be interrupted and long range will whiff.

    • You aren't playing against a d/b+3 happy Hwoarang, yeah, long story.

u/f+4 – People are inclined to attack following a blocked u/f+4 or jockey for position

4,1 – The string is -8 on block, but are left with just enough space to make qcb+2 valid

f+3,2 – Most players will try to jab after this move for some reason, b+3+4 is a safer option

qcf+1 – Works due to the sheer number of -12 launchers on block, SS then launching is safer

Please note that these same traps are also valid to follow with b+1+3_2+4 reversal.