Homing and Tracking Attacks

Homing and Tracking Attacks:


No point to beat around the bush, Dragunov's tracking is still horrendous. Here's a list of the known tracking and homing moves to ease the pain.


b+3 – 14 frame high homing attack, used primarily to stop quick SS

f,f+3 – A more versitle attack, +frames on block as well as good damage and W!

Single Moves (with tracking):

d+2 – 18 frame low with tracking to both sides

d/b+3 – Slower low with launch properties, it's possible to KND without chance of launch

Parts of strings (with tracking):

3,1,<2 - 2 tracks nearly 360

f+4,4,3 - 3 tracks nearly 360

4,3 - 3 has some tracking

b+4,3 - 3 has some tracking

1,3 - 3 has basic tracking