Punishment Basics

Punishment Basics


In a game all about launchers, one would tend to think that combos are the path to victory, but often victories are decided 15-20 damage at a time. If you can't successfully punish your opponent's attacks, you're going to get walked all over and are bound to lose.

Standing Punishment

10f – 1,3 or 1,2 or 2,1

12f – 4,1 or d/f+4

14f – b+3 or f+4,4 or iWS 1+2

15f – d/f+2

17f – f+1+2

18f – qcf+1

22f – qcf+2

While Standing Punishment

11f – WS 4

12f – WS 1+2 or WS 1,3

15f – WS 2

23f – u/f n 4