I use the notation found on Tekken Zaibatsu for moves and strings found here: Legend

Other Terms:

BnB - Bread and Butter; An attack or combo you can fall back on as being dependable in a wide variety of situations

Check - An attack that confirms (on hit) or sets (on block) the distance between you and your opponent.

CH - Counter Hit; When interrupting an opponent's attack, strings and single attacks can pick up additional properties as well as increased damage.

Confirmation Buffer - A string that extends the window for counter hit confirmation by using attacks, preceding the final attack, as buffer to determine if the string was CH or not.

Fuzzy Guard - Twitch ducking, or low parrying, dependent on the opponent's options and personal tendencies.

Homing Move - A move that tracks both directions such that it will catch SS/SW to either direction.

Hop Kick - A fast (usually i15) jumping kick/knee that launches the opponent on NH and is not safe on block.

NH - Natural Hit; When an attack hits an opponent without the opponent attacking therefore, usually, has no special properties.

Orbital Heel - A much slower hop kick that is not punishable on block.

Raw Tag - A tag performed out in the open, leaving the opponent temporarily defenseless.

Scout - To look for a particular habit or tendency of a player that can be exploited at a later time in the match. (A great example is Aris vs JWong at Comic Con, since JWong doesn't play Tekken, Aris scouted & abused b+4,2,1 at the end)

SMid - Abbreviation of "Special Middle", or an attack that can be defended by standing guard or crouching guard, noted as "s" in the TZ legend.

True 50/50 - A 50/50 where the two options occur nearly simultaneously (e.g. Drag b+4,3 and b+4,2) preventing fuzzy guard.

Yomi - Predicting what your opponent will do in a certain situation ("Getting in your opponent's head") and capitalizing on it.