SDW 3,4,4


SDW in general is such a weird stance, a BT (inherently dangerous) stance that is mostly a CH baiting/launching moves that are launch punishable, one way or another, on block. Rather than complaining about how risky SDW is, it's better to embrace its dangers and live on the edge. Especially if your opponent is deficient at punishing you, is a launcher really dangerous if your opponent doesn't know that he/she can launch you?


If you're looking for me to give you some risk free oki, you're obviously playing the wrong character. Instead what I found is some overall trickery from what I assume to be a rarely used string, out of a stance where I assume everyone only uses it to perform SDW f+2,4,3+4 post b+4,4 B! during combos. Well hopefully this will change your mind regarding using SDW during combos.

The combo is pretty basic: WS 1, b+1, B!, f,f+3, d/b+2, SDW 3,3,4~F

The "~F" command is the key to this type of oki, dependent on what the opponent does, you can reappear on either side of your opponent. Which side you're left on your opponent also determines the options available to you, with opponent BT being the best possible scenario.

Possible Outcomes:

As I said already, the best possible outcome is when the opponent is left BT to you after the ~F teleportation (not really sure what I should call it). This is caused by a couple reasons, most notably when the opponent tries to wakeup 3 or wakeup 4 immediately after forced KND, their wakeup kick will completely whiff leaving them open to launch punishing.

Strongest opponent BT combo I could find: 4~3, d/b+2,1, 1, u/b+1,2, B! f,f+3, f,f+4

Another combo I found was: d/f+2, SDW 2,1, 1, u/b+1,2, B! f,f+3, it leaves the opponent BT but it deals less damage

When the opponent opts to roll instead, you'll be left in SDW in front of them, but you'll recover quicker than they will. SDW 3+4 will interrupt and wakeup kicks and will launch if they crouch guard. SDW d+3 will launch standing guards and will also hit them if they stay grounded. I'm not sure off the top of my head if d+3 will interrupt wakeup kicks, further testing is needed.

One more thing:

If you notice them continuously quick standing post SDW 3,4,4 in your combo, it's possible to mix up your forced KND with SDW 3,4,3 instead. The final hit will catch quickstand and will rebind them for additional damage. If they don't quickstand, nor roll either, you will hit them grounded though you will not rebind.