Dragunov's best moves you aren't using


A top 10 move list is fine and dandy, but there are plenty of attacks that aren't necessarily a "top 10" move that deserve their own recognition.

The Moves:


I don't want to use SF vernacular, but iWS+4 is probably Dragunov's best "normal" attack, expanding past Dragunov, it's one of the best WS i11 in the game.

    1. Unlike 95% of Sergei's move list, iWS+4 has basic tracking to both sides. Will consistently catch late SS leaving the opponent at about range 1.

    2. Can catch airborne opponent's for bobble combo or B! saving wall carry with near 100% consistency

    3. Combining both the range extension on the iWS movement as well as WS+4's base range, iWS+4 has very deceiving range

    4. One of Dragunov's strongest round ending moves as it has basic tracking, is mid, catches airbrone, can't be punch parried, and interrupts low stances.

Basically Dragunov's WS+4 is identical to generic WS+4 frame data (namely -6 on block, +5 on hit) with the added bonus of stopping air based attacks for free combo, making iWS+4 an extremely strong options against characters that are more likely to take to the skies with hopkicks and with average SS (e.g. a strong option against Paul but not so much against Lili).

iWS+3 and qcf+3

I know I'll probably get some flak for mentioning qcf+3, but hate it or love it, qcf+3 is a real pain in the ass to play against. Even though qcf+3 -9 on hit, it's very jarring to get hit by. In this sense I can attribute qcf+3 to being a psychological tool against your opponent, an invisible low that even though doesn't do heaps of damage, is really annoying to get hit by. It can be placed in the same ballpark of invisible lows that are launch punishable on block but can't be consistently dealt with, e.g. Feng d/b+3.

Now a normally strong rebuttal to this argument would be, "duck the qcf+3, launch all day," to which I reply iWS+3. So on one hand we have qcf+3, a crappy, pain in the ass invisible low that shifts to AT on CH. On the other hand we have iWS+3, a really strong, pain in the ass invisible mid that sets up running oki on CH. The best part about iWS+3? How about solid damage, wall splat, basic tracking, safe on block, and guaranteed follow up on CH as well as small combo on CH if the opponent recovers poorly? iWS+3 is one of those attacks that, for whatever reason, made the cut but really doesn't follow Dragunov's M.O. of being inexplicably bad (in one way or another).

So on their own, iWS+3 and qcf+3 aren't are strong as iWS+4, but when combined are a really annoying. IMO they're on par with b+1+2 and d/b+3 as being part of Dragunov's signature 50/50 game.


First things first, I do realize that not only do you use 1,3,2 but technically 1,3,2 isn't a move, but rather is a string. Also I'm guilty of not using 1,3,2 when the situation calls for it and here I should call the article "Dragunov's best moves you (and I) aren't using." So why is 1,3,2 one of Sergei's best moves? For the simple reason that 1,3,2 can be used as a trap in certain situations and is only -10 on block. Specifically CH (1),3,2 is NCc, wall splats to the opponent's back, and though has a similar animation to f,f+2, does not retain most of its properties. So in theory when should 1,3,2 be used as a trap? I would guess at range 1-2 with the wall near your opponent's back. The initial 1 punch will be used as the bait while the 3 has basic tracking to interrupt quick SS attacks as well as interrupt most high crush/jab crushing attacks, such as generic d/f+2. Scouting your opponent would be the best way to determine if this trap is viable.


While SS+2,3 is hit confirmable and should be learned, I really want to talk about SS+2,<3, one of Dragunov's two viable, delayable CH traps. On CH (SS+2),<3 shifts to d/f+3 style AT and sets up grounded oki. Dragunov extends his left leg quite far, giving the attack deceiving range allowing it to still work at range 1-2. The major downside of SS+2,3 is that the last hit is high, but Dragunov also has SS+2,1+2 which is a safe, mid option for catching players that duck. I find that SS+2,3 is a strong option if it's never abused and rarely repeated, something just to keep the opponent on their toes.