Preferred Ranges


Knowing a character's preferred range can be as important as knowing a character's move set and frame data. Even if you don't know all of a character's data, by keeping a character in their "dead zone" or out of their "preferred zone", you can maximize/minimize their usefulness.

I made the chart "preferred ranges" as a reference of what (I believe) range your opponent's character is less effective in. Green represents where you should be spaced at, yellow represents where the match isn't the greatest, grey represents where the match is basically dead even, and finally red represents where you shouldn't be spaced at.



Alisa's poke game is definitely its strongest at range 0, but try to avoid playing at range 1 where phantom range will catch you unexpectedly.


The weaker of the two Williams sister, Anna's invisible options at range 0 are strong but are also fairly punishable. Toe to toe Dragunov will win out at range 0 but as soon as he's pushed into range 1/2, Anna's advancing options are much more dangerous.

Armor King:

AK's range 0-1 crush game isn't so scary when you realize that they are all launch punishable, range 1 is where you have to worry about options (like DU) and other non-launching KND attacks (such as d/f+2)


With poor i10 punishment, see-able options, and overall weakness playing at range 0 is heavily in your favor. At range 1/2 the matchup is a little more even though I'd put it slightly in Dragunov's favor.


Unfortunately Baek has strong SS options and most of his attacks extend to about range 1, making range 0 to 1 not preferable. Luckily his options at range 2 are fairly risky to throw out and can be punished accordingly.


The bear/Dragunov match up is so incredibly in Dragunov's favor that any range is a preferred range.


Bob's main strength is at range 0-1 but has a significant dead zone at range 2, from there he has the extremely strong hit confirm u/f+1+2~1+2 which makes me declare it as a draw at range 3.


Similar to Bob, Bruce's best range is 0-1, but Bruce's magic 4 is a much scarier addition to his keep out option. Also unlike Bob, Bruce's CD options extend his range to range 2 making him dangerous at almost any distance.


Try your best to stay out of range 1 as this is where Bryan has a huge repertoire of moves where the he can space it out perfectly to make it safe. Luckily he has no notable options at range 2-3 other than f,f+2.


The Chreddy match up is in Dragunov's favor as long as you stay out of range 1. Dragunov can punish and evade everything notable at range 0 and 2.

Devil Jin:

At range 0, the match up is fairly even, but spacing back out to range 1 is extremely dangerous as EWGF will consistently punish whiffs. Once you get out of range 1 DJ's strong options quickly die off.


Feng's SS and quick CH strike options are their strongest at range 0. Once you start playing at range 1 Feng has to take a few more (Dragunov) favorable risks, but at range 2 the match up becomes a little more even.


Ganryu is only a threat at range 0, keep him out and dominate the match.


Heihachi is a little more menacing than the other Mishima's with a hit confirmable W!/KND 1,1,2, but his best range is still at range 1 where he can use EWGF as a strong punishing tool.


While Hwoarang's strongest pressure game is at range 0, Dragunov has a ton of tools to reverse the situation in his favor. Unfortunately Dragunov's lingering frames will get him caught at range 1/2, so be careful.


One would think, "Jack has long arms, therefore should dominate range 1-2," but this isn't the case (in this match up). Jack against Dragunov is definitely his most dangerous at range 0 where he can mix between FC d/b+1 and safe mids. At range 1-2, Dragunov can keep up with Jack so this is his preferred range.


While he isn't a Mishima, Jin has all the benefits of a Mishima without the benefit of a launching WGF. Also similar to Mishimas, Jin has no real presence at range 2.


Definitely one of Dragunov's hardest match ups as Julia has solid moves at all ranges. Of all the ranges, range 2 would be Dragunov's preferred range against Julia.


The same as all Mishimas except you need to worry about CD+4,1 for wall splat, instead of Heihachi 1,1,2. Try to keep Kazuya at range 2 until you're ready to attack.


Other than his huge assortment of throws, King is not a dangerous character at range 0, just be wary of SS u/f+4 to catch your linear attacks. Try to stay in his face and do your best to break throws as his reach is quite far.


Lars' range is extremely misleading and has effective attacks at almost every range. At range 2 he's lacking a scary launching mid, except for CH f,f+1+2.


Strong at range 0, even stronger at range 1. Luckily he's lacking any real presence at range 2 making it Dragunov's preferred range whenever not in range 0.


Similar to Law, except with a better match up for Dragunov at range 1. Lee's invisible options, save for iWS+2,3, are near see-able at this range and completely changes a Lee player's game plan.


Lei has a significant dead zone at range 1 that should be exploited as much a possible. By staying out of his stance ranges you can react upon a stance from safety following up as necessary.