The Art of 1,2,1


You're probably saying to yourself, "Haven't I already read this in the Manifesto?" which is sort of true, so I'm not going to repeat myself. Instead if you haven't read the section in question, click here. Otherwise this section will be devoted to teaching you to use it to its fullest.


Easy answer, you may have read what I wrote, but it never really sunk in (therefore use spam 1,2,1 w/o hit confirming) or are so worried about 1,2,1 on block that you fail to use it all together. Either way we need you to stop your bad habits and hopefully make your 1,2,1 feared.


First things first, 1,2,1 is by no means a "broken" string with ridiculous properties. It still suffers from Dragunov's overall faults (e.g. poor tracking) and can still be "crushed" by high crush attacks. The string is at least -12 on block, making it KND punishable and possibly W! punishable against much of the cast.


i10 NCc, CH confirmable KND/W! that's h,m,m with the final attack giving combo on CH. Enough said.

Will finish this up later