Don't be a Show-Off


I'm guilty of this as well, but a tournament setting is not the time or place to test new combos. When the opponent has a sliver of health left, maybe you shouldn't try that iWS 1, deep dash, 2,1,3 combo. Even intermediate combos under pressure can be extremely difficult to execute if a strict dash is required to guarantee the string. The point is don't be greedy and don't be a show-off when you there's no need to be.

What Not to Do:

B!, dash in, 3,1,2 isn't that hard to do. Most players can do it in their sleep, so much so that it should be the staple of any experienced Dragunov player. At the same time there's this lovely post bind option that's pretty much guaranteed no matter how many hits prior, no matter which way they're facing, and no matter how they were bound.

d+4,4 is a true unsung hero

I'll finish this up later.