General move changes


For some reason some moves were changed from DR to T6 and T6 to BR that didn't make much sense. In my opinion I'm not asking for anything ridiculous, only minor changes to moves that were changed for one reason or another from game to game.

The moves:

d/b+2,1,2 - Don't get me wrong, -14 now on block is nice, but the fact that it can be easily side stepped completely negates the change. In DR d/b+2,1,2 was an i15 NCc with a fairly difficult, although guaranteed, follow up combo that was able to lead to some decent damage. In T6, d/b+2,1,2 was changed to an incredibly diverse, though admittedly useless, string with some very unique properties. d/b+2,1 by itself is NC, (d/b+2),1,2 is NCc in the original DR style, and every hit in d/b+2,1,2 is delayable.

The change would be simple, d/b+2,1 would still be NC and d/b+2,1,2 would return to its NCc DR properties. To counter this change d/b+2,1,2 would be -17 on block to be consistently launch punishable again.

d/f+2 - This is hard to classify, because d/f+2 range has been reduced and that's not really what I'm going to complain about. What I am going to complain about are the combos possible post d/f+2, namely 4,1 after d/f+2. In T6 d/f+2, 4,1 would easily land when hitting the opponent on the side, but in BR this has been changed inexplicably making 4,1 only hit when the opponent is only slightly off-axis.

As far as I know the change would be pretty easy to implement/fix:

A) Figure out what changed from T6 to BR that killed off-axis d/f+2, 4,1 and rectify it.

B) Change 4,1's properties to auto-align the opponent as so many other moves in BR already do.