iWR 2+4, a.k.a. f,f,f+2+4, a.k.a. iSW, to the uninitiated is a command, air throw usually used as a combo ending attack. This is due to a few reasons, most notably that unlike standard ground based throws, air throws are inescapable. Air throws have a tendency to leave the opponent directly next to you giving decent oki options post combo, often leading to resets and/or more damage. The last reason is that since an air throw still qualifies as a throw (it isn't not modified by combo fall off) the number of hits prior to the air throw have no bearing on the final damage of the throw, the air throw will still hit at 100% damage making air throws a great option to finish combos.

What it would bring to the table:

My ideal iSW for Dragunov would grant oki similar to post B! d/f+3 forced KND style oki. This would allow for more technical/longer combos that lead to d/f+3 style 50/50 options, therefore not drastically reducing his guaranteed damage for potential damage, as it is right now.

Possible animation:

I really like the animation of the 2nd hit of Asuka's d/f+1,2. Something similar to a mid-air take down with very little carry would fit Dragunov's overall motif.


Lars got an iSW and he's not even a "grappler" class character. Seriously though, with two moves that come out of iWR and the amount of iWS that's required to perform his advanced combos, Dragunov requires a certain amount of skill to properly use. I feel that adding iSW to his arsenal would only help solidify this fact.

What I'm not asking for:

Make no mistake, I'm not asking for a wall grab to replace Dragunov's wall game. I don't want grab similar to Marduk W! f+1+3_2+4 or King GS_iSW to replace what's already in place, his wall damage is fine without a command grab to get even more damage.

UPDATE: Teaser trailer for VF5 "Final Showdown" is up (viewable: ) and it shows the Judo fighter Goh doing what he does best, looking bad ass. So even though my love for VF is fairly limited (e.g. say what you want about about Tekken juggles, but hitting a person 5-10+ times as they fall 2-3 feet to the ground isn't any better) I do admit that Goh definitely has had the best throw/grapple animations since his introduction (look up his wall grab/curb stomp animation for a good example of what I mean). I correlate Goh to Sergei in many ways, more so than the obvious similarities in fighting style e.g. SAMBO vs Judo, but overall in brutality in their animations. I really think that this is where VF excels, as far as Goh does, everything he does looks like it hurts, but I'm going off on a tangent (though it would be nice for Dragunov to gain/retain this mentality). My original point is that Goh now has an air throw, mid-air knee to aerial take down leaving the opponent directly in front of him on the ground. I want this, bad.

UPDATE 2: Here's the video of the wall grab (viewable: ). I really wish there was a video of just his grabs and special/attack throws on youtube if you're completely unversed in VF or Goh.