4,1 Wall Setups


Expanding on Dragunov's above average wall game, the 4,1 wall setup is a great addition to his game. The main problem with Dragunov's extended WS+1+2 wall slump options are that the position at which the opponent is left can be random due to a few different factors. If you unexpectedly cause a crossover post hit, it could potentially cost you the match if you're unprepared. One of the strengths of this option is that the follow ups are not chaotic but rather consistent and controlled.


Credited to tyler2k


The hardest part for developing this system was figuring out a way to 1) make it work on tech in either direction 2) make all options occur after the invulnerability on tech. Luckily SSU (Sidestep into the background) solves both of these problems for all the options listed below.


At it's most basic level, this grants a forced 50/50 between BnB b+1+2 and d/b+3.

    • b+1+2 at +3 on block, FDFA KND for guaranteed stomp and wakeup 50/50 on hit.

    • d/b+3 will hit the opponent if they remain in wall slump otherwise it sets up CC d+4,1,3 W! on hit. Please note they can still tech to guard low!

Expanding past those basic options, I also discovered a few others.

4,4 - Will catch slower attacks for CH W!, otherwise +3 on block, setting up WS+1,3 or WS+1+2 if they are impatient

f+2,4 - Will catch all attacks for CH W!, but unlike 4,4, f+2,4 is -5 on block killing your offense

d/b+2,1 - Will catch all attacks for CH confirm, but is also his unsafest standing option at -10 if the opponent standing guards.

Video Examples:

From my "Practical Extra" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioEpgDTaW-A&#t=128s


Sacrificing a small bit of damage for consistency and a different set of follow ups is worth it. In a situation where a player may be well versed in standard Dragunov play, the more unexpected options the better.