f+3, d+3 post B!


Usually Dragunov's running game can only be exploited while both Dragunov and the opponent are in a standing position (e.g. CH iWS+3), otherwise Dragunov has spike 50/50 via d/f+3 post B!, and wake up oki through single strike d+3,4 forced KND. f+3, d+3 can set up running options and dependent on wall positioning, can be a dynamic option for catching your opponent.


Credited to tyler2k


B!, f+3, d+3 was discovered while testing B!, qcf+3 as a suitable oki/reset trap. My poor execution on the PSP joystick lead to many f+3 hits post B! where I eventually realized that I could sneak in an additional hit before the opponent could recover. In the weeks prior to this discovery, I had been testing d+2 as a running oki set up, but its low guaranteed damage made it very lacklustre. It eventually evolved to testing various combos with enders, such as d+3, that would grant similar running oki options and finally to f+3, d+3, a mix of damage and proper push back spacing.

While testing combo options, I determined that five hits (excluding launcher) prior to the bind was the realistic maximum of this option. A standard bread and butter combo, such as d/f+2, 4,1, 1,3,2, B!, f+3, d+3 would tend to whiff if an additional jab was added after the 4,1. As such the damage potential was a little lower than (my personal) standard 3,1,2 ending d/f+2 combo. Obviously one has to sacrifice some damage to strengthen oki options, but this damage was simply sacrificing too much damage for my liking.

I then realized that I can circumvent this short fall by using Dragunov's max damage d/f+2 combo, namely d/f+2, f+4,4,3, 1, f,f+2, B!, f+3, d+3 which comes in at a perfect five hits prior to the bind. This sets up Dragunov's strongest combo, using f+3, d+3, and leaves the opponent at the optimum range for oki.

Video Examples:



As this oki set up is still a WIP and I've had limited time testing it, I can't come to a final decision. It is very promising as it doesn't immediately seem like a trap, especially since it isn't a spike trap, something Dragunov is well known for. Overall though, I can say with good confidence that it's 100% dependent on the player to make the options work, good reaction time and level awareness will make this a solid addition to Dragunov's repertoire.