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The major fault with qcf+4 is that the window for reset is so small that it, in my opinion, is not practical for use in matches. Executing qcf+4 too early will register as part of the combo, further pushing the opponent away removing any possible oki options.

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qcf+4 brings something to the table that Dragunov isn't known for, namely an option that gives bobble/mini-combo when the opponent doesn't tech.


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While promising, there's a couple of major faults with qcf+4 options, the first of which is that it's simply too inconsistent to depend on. During testing, best case scenario I could find was about 1 out of every 5 attempts (under perfect conditions) the follow up combo would land. Now granted I didn't put in the time to fully test ways to possibly make the follow up more consistent, but it didn't look like it would pan out. The second major fault is that the opponent can tech to escape the follow up but Dragunov has no strong anti-tech options that would make the opponent fear teching, as such the best way to escape qcf+4 post B! is to tech.