SS+2 KND oki


ss+2 post bind gives options very similar to d/f+3 forced KND/spike oki. Sets up 3,1 for quick stand/back roll and d+3+4 stomp for staying KND and side rolls.


Credited to drkhades on TZ:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Video Examples:

From my "Dragunov Practical" video:


While ss+2,1+2 seems like a valid option against bots, it's usability against humans seems extremely limited. Instead ss+2,1+2 seems better suited as ss+2, a possible alternate to d/f+3 post bind style oki, where a 50/50 is more likely to land. As far as ss+2 usability goes, it may be a strong alternate if the opponent is expecting d/f+3 style oki and not expecting the lesser known ss+2 post bind.

UPDATE: After extensive testing over the last month, it looks like ss+2 is not a good substitute for d/f+3 forced KND oki. Quick stand will beat out the option nearly 100% of the time, leaving you open to launch punishment. It really only seems to consistently pick up backroll, but unfortunately is lacking as a 50/50.