Dragunov wish list


Dragunov has seem some substantial system changes from T6 to TTT2 and as a whole has become more consistent with overall the same execution skill cap. Instead of requiring deep dashing on nearly every combo, f+3~CDc options have taken over, saving deep dash for only a few key combos now. As the game has evolved, so have my original thoughts of how the game would eventually turn up. Obviously, in hindsight, buffs to f+3 are no longer needed as it's now pivotal to Dragunov's combo game. As the opportunities to use qcf+4 diminish, so does the need for another extension. On the other hand obvious problems with u/f+4 are only heightened by the improved movement of TTT2 as well as other characters getting incredible damage off of safe launchers. Overall though the list hasn't changed too much, it's still a list of questionable changes from past games and blatant Dragunov deficiencies that still exist into TTT2.

Necessary changes:

b+2 - Should instant high crush from the beginning of the animation.

u/f+4 - Assuming the mobility of TTT2 rolls over into the next game and u/f+4 doesn't already receive a real overhaul, it must be changed to a homing attack.

d+4,1 - On hit d+4,1 needs to jail such that the second hit cannot be ducked or incorporate my suggested new move.

Suggested changes:

f,f+4 - In DR, f,f+4 would both high and low crush simultaneously but in T6 its ability to crush either was removed. Therefore it should be partially reverted to at least low crush during its animation.

u/f+2 - This move needs a serious overhaul going into the future. It either needs to grant a small combo on NH or cause a guard stun like Paul u/f+2 or Miguel u/f+1.

d+3 - Should be no more than -15 on block, bringing it more in line with non-generic low pokes.

qcf+3 - Should be no more than -6 on hit, giving Dragunov SS options post hit.

Tackle Roll - While the idea behind the tackle roll is good, the execution is poor. It would be nice if the roll was more evasive, faster, or left Dragunov slightly more to their side.

Back Throw - "Absolute Silence" has an animation identical to Nina's and Anna's back throw yet does 10 less damage. Why?

Suggested new moves:

I still stick by my list of suggested moves for post Tekken 6.

Brief summary of my old suggested moves: (To read my full, old list of suggested new moves, click here.)

b+3+4 - New command punch parry, no valid follow-up until successful parry, so cannot be CH interrupted.

b+3+4=4 - Follow up to b+3+4 punch parry, low damage, +10 on hit. Sets up free jabs or immediate 50/50 opportunity.

f,f,f+2+4 - Air throw ender that provides similar oki to d/f+3 but deals more damage. Harder execution, better reward.

BT 3 - Mid kick from back turned that KND/W! on NH giving Dragunov a basic 50/50 out of BT.

d+4,2 - Standard d+4 to mid, palm strike. Similar to Bryan's T5 d+3,2, giving Dragunov at least a medium combo post u/f+4

The only small change I've though of is if iWR+4 could have the properties I suggested for a Dragunov f,f,f+2+4 (iSW) attack, e.g. iWR+4 on NH/CH will lead to the current iWR+4 animation but against an airborne opponent will shift to a special airthrow. In a way being even more similar to, as mentioned, Goh's knee that shifts to airthrow during combos.