Other Terms:

BnB - Bread and Butter; An attack or combo you can fall back on as being dependable in a wide variety of situations

Check - An attack that confirms (on hit) or sets (on block) the distance between you and your opponent.

CH - Counter Hit; When interrupting an opponent's attack, strings and single attacks can pick up additional properties as well as increased damage.

Clean - An attack property, of certain specific attacks, that increases the damage done and/or modifies its effects on hit (e.g. Clean d/b+3 sweeps the opponent, while non-clean d/b+3 doesn't)

Confirmation Buffer - A string that extends the window for counter hit confirmation by using attacks, preceding the final attack, as buffer to determine if the string was CH or not.

Fuzzy Guard - Twitch ducking, or low parrying, dependent on the opponent's options and personal tendencies.

Homing Move - A move that tracks both directions such that it will catch SS/SW to either direction.

Hop Kick - A fast (usually i15) jumping kick/knee that launches the opponent on NH and is not safe on block.

NH - Natural Hit; When an attack hits an opponent without the opponent attacking therefore, usually, has no special properties.

Orbital Heel - A much slower hop kick that is not punishable on block.

Point Character - The character you currently control.

Raw/Hard Tag - A tag performed out in the open, leaving the opponent temporarily defenseless.

Red Meter/Health - When the point character takes damage, half of the damage taken is converted to red meter. If the point character is tagged out, their red meter is slowly converted to usable health.

Scout - To look for a particular habit or tendency of a player that can be exploited at a later time in the match. (A great example is Aris vs JWong at Comic Con, since JWong doesn't play Tekken, Aris scouted & abused b+4,2,1 at the end)

SMid - Abbreviation of "Special Middle", or an attack that can be defended by standing guard or crouching guard, noted as "s" in the TZ legend.

TA - Abbreviation of "Tag Assault", a partner attack post B! executed by performing a B! attack and then immediately tagging. This action does not change your point character.

True 50/50 - A 50/50 where the two options occur nearly simultaneously (e.g. Drag b+4,3 and b+4,2) preventing fuzzy guard.

Yomi - Predicting what your opponent will do in a certain situation ("Getting in your opponent's head") and capitalizing on it.