While Jinpachi isn't as flashy as the other Mishimas, he's definitely the most unique looking. With a new stance, an older improved stance (Jinpachi's 1+2+3+4 now being d+3+4, therefore can't be CH while charging), and a revamped WS system, Jinpachi is receiving some interesting changes. Be forewarned, Jinpachi will require a fairly deep understanding of the game, with a launch punishable non-hit confirmable i10, as well as a decent reaction time, during stance movement, to keep your opponent on their toes.

The Moves:

1,2 - i10 NC KND/W!, hits h,m and the second hit seems to have basic tracking to both sides

2,2 - Standard 2,2 i10 punisher, good damage, minus frames on hit

4 - Standing 4 similar to Bruce d/b+4, seems to be ~i14, safe on block and launch on CH

d/f+1,1 - i13 m,h NC string, unfortunately he does not have a i13 m,m string

d+1 - Jinpachi's longest range bind, average damage

d/b+1,2 - i10 s-mid,s-mid KND/W! NCc string, should be good for wall interrupt pressure

b+1,2 - i12 punisher, hits h,m, hit confirmable but admittedly hard to do

d/f+2 - i15 punisher that hits high and is -12 on block

d/f+2,1 - i15 punisher, hits h,m and is launch punishable on block

d+2 (opp. grounded) - Ground punch

d+2,1 - A two hit string similar to d/b+1,2 except the first hit is mid, slower, and I believe is safe(r) on block

d/b+2,1 - l,h NC string, seems to be +1 on block leaving you at clean range

b+2 - mid homing, KND/W! on normal hit, launch on CH, -12 on block

f+2,1,1+2 - m,m,m string, first two hits are NC, all the hits are no longer NCc, Jinpachi's strong wall combo

f,f+2 - Range 2 KND/W! single strike AT, unfortunately is not safe on block

f+3 - A mix between Heihachi's f+3 and Marduk's u/f+3, unfortunately it isn't as good as it sounds

d/f+3,1 - A two hit string that hits m,m, the string is NCc, the last hit binds

d/f+3,2 - A two hit string that hits m,h, the string is NC, the last hit KND/W!

d+3 - A nerfed version of Jinpachi's d/b+3, one of two of his only high crushing attacks

d/b+3,1 - l,m string that is NC at clean, unfortunately the range for NC is very poor and the 1 is punishable on block

b+3 - Safe ground hitting mid similar to Heihachi's d+3

b+3,2 - The string is NCc but doesn't do anything on hit, there must be some type of follow up I don't know about

u/f+3,4 - Two hit NC string that KND/W!, it might hit m,h but haven't had a chance to test

f,f+3 - Ground hitting mid attack that KND on CH, I believe it's safe on block

iWR+3 - A while running attack similar to Law, a ridiculously large hit box

f+4 - Standard Mishima f+4 mid, bind attack, +frames on block and KND on CH

d/f+4 - A slow (probably ~i16) mid kick, safe on block

d+4 - I honestly can't remember what d+4 does on hit

d+4 (opp. grounded) - Mishima style ground stomp

d/b+4 - Low hitting, slight (frame) stagger stun on hit

b+4 - High, safe, homing KND/W! attack

u/f+4 - Quick hop type jumping kick, KND on NH, it might also W! on hit

f,f+4 - Jumping/rolling low crush, ground hitting mid. KND on NH, safe on block.

1+2 - Unblockable, mid fireball attack. Can SS to dodge.

f+1+2 - An attack similar to Heihachi 1+2, double palm KND/W! on NH

d/f+1+2 - No longer guard stuns, instead launches on NH now

d+1+2 - A safe, ground hitting double fist attack, guard stuns on block

d/b+1+2 - Sway attack, high elbow, KND/W! attack similar to Paul's. Not sure on its -frames in this version.

b+1+2 - Heihachi style headbutt, B! during combo, KND/W!

(f_b)+3+4 - Astral Projection, Stance

d+3+4 - Charge, Stance

u/f+3+4 - Fly, Stance

SS+2,1 - SS punch to TGF follow up, NC KND/W! on hit, I don't believe it's worse than -14 on block

WS+1,1 - 2nd hit can be delayed for KND on CH, otherwise the string is NC and the 2nd hit B!, might be i14 or faster

WS+2 - Huge class 1, ~i19 WS launcher, at least -17 on block but pushes the opp. to about range 3

WS+2,1+2 - Summons a DBZ style spirit bomb to B! the opponent, can and should follow with a TA post hit

WS+3 - An attack similar to Bryan WS+3, launch on CH, feels fast

WS+4,4 - Standard Mishima tsunami kick, i11 punisher

WS+4,4,1 - NCc, hit confirmable, KND/W! string

b+1+3_2+4 - Parry attack, instead of stunning the opp. setting up a 50/50, it now simply KND/W! to their back.

1+2+3 - Taunt can no longer be cancelled (near) instantly


Astral Projection, AP, (f_b)+3+4:

1 - High crushing mid attack, probably -12 on block, KND/W! on NH

2 - Quick high attack, safe on block, KND on NH.

1+2 - Jinpachi's old f,f+1+2 grab animation, now inescapable on successful grab.

Fly, u/f+3+4:

1,1,2 - Jinpachi's double punch to TGF, probably launch punishable on block

1:1:2 - Jinpachi's JF version ending in a JF TGF, safe on block

1,2,? - Jinpachi does a 1-2 punch type attack, looks like it would have more follow ups

2 - A jumping 2 similar to Paul's u/f+2, except I think it's closer to even on block

3,4 - A scissor kick type attack, doesn't launch on hit, instead KND/W! at a decent range

4 - A low option similar to Heihachi CD~3

Charge, d+3+4:

1 - Charged TGF, KND/W! on hit, might be only -14 on block

2 - Charged WGF, launches like DR d/f+2, +frames on block


1+3 - An improved version of DR's, a neck break to 2+4 ender

2+4 - The same throw as DR

d+1+3_2+4 - Paul style b+1+4 throw in crouch form

f,f+1+2 - Changed to Mishima style stonehead throw.

Air throw - Instead of only throwing the opponent forward, leaves the opponent FDFA for better oki

Tag throw - Double suplex, on escape leaves both the player and opponent FUFA


I'll admit it, Day 1 of EVO I wasn't impressed. With a huge assortment of highs, forgettable mids, and a low string that doesn't land unless you're right next to your opponent, Jinpachi was looking weak. f,f+3 was a high homing, jumping kick, iWR+3 was a crappy ass generic (read no tracking) running kick, and an assortment of strings that simply didn't do anything. It was obvious Jinpachi was in need of major buffs before people would realize that ducking the entire time was actually a pretty decent strategy.

Now I'll also be completely honest, I really wanted some of Jinpachi's signature attacks to make it into BR. A high crushing WGF, a FC WGF that still would high crush from crouch, AP+1+2 giving Jinpachi a wicked wake up 50/50 game, and finally b+2. Now I'll assume only about 5% of you guys know what Jinpachi b+2 did, but simply put it was an OTG attack. Think of Dragunov d/f+3 style spike oki, but instead of, "if they get up I'll re-combo them," it would be, "if they don't get up I'll re-combo them." Now obviously giving a unique property to only one member of the cast is unfair, so that would never make it in, but I didn't except an attack like DR d/b+1+2 or AP+1+2 to simply be scrapped. Little by little one can see how Jinpachi has been stripped of his individuality and turned more into a "Mishima".

This is where I'm split down the middle as to whether it's a good thing that there's one less character with a unique move list to learn, but on the other hand has turned Jinpachi into a "shoto" clone-esque character so prevalent in games such as Street Fighter. This is even more disheartening while playing against a character like Jun who looks so similar to Asuka, yet seems to share only about 15-20% of her move list (i.e. strings will hit mid where Asuka normally goes low), compared to Jinpachi who now shares a move list closer to 50%. Does the world really need another Mishima?

That conversation is for another time, Day 2 rolled around, and we had a newer build to play on. Overnight Jinpachi went from "duck everything to beat me" to "holy crap WTF is going on?" For instance Jinpachi was finally given a mid option out of AP, his low poke strings were suddenly NCc and would KND/W!, all his stances were less bulky and would recover faster, Jinpachi got a bad ass follow up to his WS+2, etc. It's incredible to see how small buff here and a fix there strengthened his game so much. Looking to the future, after seeing the sweep of changes over EVO, I only can hope that f+2,1,1+2 is NCc again.