Jinpachi (pt. 3)

KND/W! king?

Unlike characters (such as Dragunov, see option 3) who are lacking fast NH KND/W! attacks, Jinpachi seemingly has one for every situation. With the possible nerf of Heihachi's 1,1,2 no longer W!, that would also make Jinpachi one of the only characters in the game with an i10 W! punish. Now obviously this comes with a major drawback, namely that Jinpachi's 1,2 is not hit confirmable and it's still -17 on block, as such you better know what you're punishing before throwing it out.

Here's a list of his (known) i10-i17 KND/W!

i10 - 1,2

i12 - b+1,2

i12 - b+1+2

i14 - f+1+4

i14 - d/f+2 or d/f+2,1

i17 - f,f+2

Jinpachi's homing attacks also KND/W! on NH, b+4 is safe and most likely i18 while his b+2 is -12 and most likely i15-16 to perform. For safety he has f+3 which low crushes, iWR+3 which also low crushes and is +frames on block, d/f+3,2 is safe on block but doesn't jail and ends high, d/b+1+2 is Jinpachi's old f,b+1 evasion attack which hits high, f+1+2 is very similar to Heihachi's 1+2 except it may be a tad slower, and SS+2,1 isn't safe on block but does KND/W! a good amount of distance away.

Then he has stance options which also KND/W!, AP 1 which is his mid hitting (most likely launch punishable) shoulder type attack, AP 2 which is his high option that will only W! with the opponent's back to the wall, Charge 1 is probably launch punishable on block but it tracks fully to both sides and leads to a high wallsplat near the wall, and Charge 2 which can tag launch and is +frames on block.

From there we can jump into Jinpachi's jumping and Fly attacks which are still NC KND/W!. u/f+3 which retains properties similar to DR iWR+3, u/f+3,4 which is an extension to u/f+3 without the stun on block, u/f+4 which is a hard knockdown on hit, u+4 which is a "short hop" type attack which is most likely Jinpachi's best answer to low spam, Fly 3,4 which can KND/W! a long ways away, and finally Fly 2 which also seems to be +frames on block.

Other notable KND or W! NH attacks:

You didn't think I was done did you? Jinpachi is the KND/W! king for a reason. d/b+3,1 can W! but it's only at certain ranges. For instance, at range 0 with the opponent's back to the wall, d/b+3,1 will cause you to KND them away from the wall. d/f+1+2 is a safe launcher on hit but has lost its DR properties of guard stunning on block, it might W! the opponent with their back to the wall, but I'm not certain. d+1+2 doesn't W! but it does fully KND, is safe on block, and can hit grounded opponents. f,f+4 doesn't W! either but it does KND on hit and launches on CH, also it has the nice benefit of low crushing and being safe. Fly 4 doesn't W! but it does KND nicely, so much so that there's probably a guaranteed follow up (such as f,f+3) post hit. 1+2 does KND on hit, but I don't believe it properly wallsplats.

Other notable KND/W! CH attacks:

Surely that's all Jinpachi has right? No, those were only his NH KND/W!, these are his CH ones and don't call me Shriley. d/b+1,2 is this really unique and wonky looking attack. CH d/b+1,2 is NCc and KND/W! the opponent all starting from a low poke. I'm not sure how punishable it is on block, but I can assume it's no better than -12. WS+4,4,1 is fairly similar to Wang's WS+2,2,2 (even more so the first day when (WS+4),4,1 was NC) except Jinpachi's WS+4,4,1 is NCc and KND/W!, rather than only KND as with Wang's. Fly 1,1,2 is similar to Alisa's forward flying options on CH, Jinpachi's string will KND/W! on CH and also has the nice benefit if the string hits an airborne opponent, it can be extended with an additional 2 to shift to an air throw.

Other notable KND CH attacks:

Last, but not least, we come to Jinpachi's attacks that don't W!, but do KND on CH. Interestingly enough, all of these attacks seem to be safe on block except for WS+1,1. When I was writing this I was trying to figure out where to put WS+1,1 because it's a NC launcher, but it doesn't W! on hit. As such I decided to put it in here because the last hit on CH does KND setting up a guaranteed follow up and the last hit can be delayed slightly to bait the opponent into attacking. f,f+3 is easily one of Jinpachi's best new attacks and in day 1 testing it was a homing attack that low crushed, probably was +frames on block, and was KND/W! on hit (Namco sure loves giving Jinpachi homing KND/W!). Now it's a safe low crush attack that has pretty good range, does respectable damage, and KNDs on hit for a guaranteed follow up. d+3 is a move that deserved to get nerfed, but got hit really hard coming into TTT2. d+3 no longer KNDs on NH, only on CH, and is still launch punishable on block. f+4 is the standard Mishima workhorse, B! at the wall, leaves the opponent FC on block, and KND on CH.

The complete list:

If reading paragraphs isn't your thing or you want a concise list instead to quickly glance over in the future, here's the article in convenient list form.

















AP 1

AP 2

Charge 1

Charge 2

Fly 2

Fly 3,4





f,f+4 (range dependent)

d/b+3,1 (range dependent)

d/f+1+2 (range dependent)

d+1+2 (KND only)

Fly 4 (KND only)

1+2 (KND only?)




Fly 1,1,2


(u/b+1),2 (full launch)

(d+2),1 (launches for small combo)

(WS+1),1 (KND only)

f,f+3 (KND only)

d+3 (KND only)

f+4 (KND only)