Jinpachi Wish List


Even though I'm fairly confident that Tag only characters (e.g. Jinpachi, Jun, Kunimitsu, Dr. B, Ogres, all the clones) will not be returning in "Tekken 7", I hope that Namco will go through at least one more wave of balance changes before the end of TTT2. The section of "suggested new moves" is probably for naught as it's most likely too late to implement anything nor will he most likely be returning, as I said earlier, therefore it's just really for my entertainment.

Necessary changes:

d/f+1 - The horizontal hitbox of d/f+1 needs to be extended slightly, as it stands it requires excessive, near JF deep dashing on certain combos.

f,f+2 - The AT portion needs to W! to bring in line with other character's f,f+2.

f+3 - The impact speed of f+3 needs improved by at least 2 frames to bring it more in line with Heihachi's f+3.

d/b+3,1 - Should be properly NC in every situation, similar to Leo d/b+4,1, as such the final hit should also be launch punishable on block.

Suggested changes:

(u/b+1),2 - Should be an elbow to balance the total risk of the string, as well as complementing its current animation.

f+2 - The impact speed of f+2 should be improved to i14, giving Jinpachi at least one quick, hit confirmable, ground pressure option.

CH (d/f+2),1 - Should half launch on CH for a guaranteed d+1 follow-up, similar launch to d/f+1+2.

d/b+4 - Being -3 on hit is detrimental to its usefulness, either A) Make NH/CH d/b+4 even on hit or B) Make CH d/b+4 +3s on hit

FC d/f+1 - Would benefit greatly from being at least +1 on hit since it's already -14 on block.

CHG 2 - The range of CHG 2 should be increased by about 10%, without modifying the impact speed.

d/f+3,2 - Should properly full splat during combos in order to be used as a stronger wall carry option.

FLY 1,1,2:2 - The JF AT should deal 5 more un-scaled damage to bring it more in line with other difficult command airthrows.

Suggested new moves:

b+2=1+2 - While it's nice that nearly every attack in Jinpachi's movelist causes KND, it's slightly annoying that nearly everything that doesn't leaves Jinpachi at negative frames on hit. It's an interesting concept to forgo KND/W! on certain attacks for +frames instead. Therefore b+2=1+2 would be an extension to b+2 that flips the opponent BT instead of KND/W!, similar to Raven's SDW f+1, except Jinpachi will remain facing the opponent. Due to the current lack of Jinpachi quick, long range mids and the hitbox of standing 1 being lacklustre, it's theoretically "unabuseable" to leave Jinpachi at +6 after the AT giving him a solid 50/50 follow-up option.

BT 1+2 - Even though the concept of grounded crossovers already exist for Jinpachi, e.g. causing a KND of some sort and then command moving over the opponent (either by AP or FLY), Jinpachi doesn't have a solid follow-up option if he causes the opponent to whiff. For instance the best he really gets is u+4, AP, (whiff wakeup kick), BT d+4 and from there he gets a 50/50, but he sacrificed a free d+4 or potentially a d+1, B! combo for that little bit of 50/50 oki. That's where BT 1+2 comes in, a BT overhead slam that launches on NH. Due to the rarity of such situations, the move will not be overly punishable, e.g. no more than -13s to cover the current niche of rare launch cases

CHG 1+2+3+4 - Basically CHG stance to immediate 1+2+3+4 ki charge. A slight ode to T5 Jinpachi who would need to "supercharge" to gain access to his current CHG stance attacks. For the sake of clarity I don't mean CHG stance to ki charge, I mean CHG stance into an immediate ki charge effect. Basically CHG and one frame later Jinpachi is ki charged, similar to King's "double" ki charge where he does his ki charge animation and then at the end of the entire animation is able to immediately ki charge again and there's zero lag time. This would cover situations where Jinpachi goes into CHG but for one reason or another should not attack, but this will allow Jinpachi to continue pressure even though he didn't attack. This will also give the Jinpachi player a psychological edge as the opponent will be more inclined to immediately counter attack but due to the speed of the ki charge, might not want to counter attack for risk of CHG 1 or CHG 2 still coming out.