Raven wish list


This will definitely be an interesting "wish list" because this is not so much suggestions of what would make Raven better so much as suggestions that would make Raven suck less. Looking at the list as a whole, eight of the sixteen suggestions are fixes, ten if I want to be slightly pedantic and count 4,1 and (u+3),D+3. Compare that to only one/two for Dragunov and three/four for Jinpachi. The real problem with Raven is that some attacks will just plain fail in very specific situations, situations so uncommon that from an outside perspective would be practically invisible. Unfortunately many attacks leave Raven in BT as well, compounding these critical failures swaying the outcome of a match. Thereby random occurrences will often dictate the outcome of a match, which is obviously a major problem in balance and theory.

Necessary changes:

qcf+2 - A great example of a move that received excessive nerfing from T6 to TTT2. Despite a universal grounded damage increase of 15% (12.5% after diminishing returns) the attacks deals two less points of damage. The follow-up options have also been limited (due to the opponent being flipped 180°) further reducing solo damage potential. This also means that the front end damage of TA! combos have been lowered as well, making combos starting with qcf+2 leaving the opponent with a ton of red life. Despite all these nerfs, qcf+2 still remains -17 on block.

3~4 - There's quite a few characters with "handstand"/rolling attacks but Raven is the only one that's actually still standing while performing these type of attacks. 3~4 should be changed to a "technically jumping" state to better match the animation and make it so that panic low jabs are less effective at stopping Raven's offensive options, in general.

d/f+3+4 - Can this move just disappear already? Seriously, get rid of it.

Suggested changes:

f+2 - Since 3,3 no longer jails on block, Raven is lacking a safe mid, hit confirmable poke, as such f+2 would be better suited at -9 on block.

4,1 - Should deal about 5 more points of damage to bring the damage more in line with other 12-14 frame punishers.

(d/f+2),4 - The negative frames of the mid option of (d/f+2),4 are antiquated, it's a perfect example of excessively negative frames that really kills Raven when the opponent has some experience. (d/f+2),3 should be nerfed to -6 frames on block and as such (d/f+2),4 should be no more than -14 on block.

(d/b+2),1 - On certain axes at the wall, the second hit of d/b+2,1 will completely miss even if the first attack fully landed leaving Raven in BT and at negative frames. Adding a bit of tracking to (d/b+2),1 should fix this issue.

d/f+4 - Should be no more than -14 on block. To understand why you have to look at Raven's launching options as a whole. Raven doesn't get launch from full standing until i16 with d/f+2, which is sometimes problematic because d/f+2 will not launch crouching opponents. Then compare Raven's d/f+4, which is i15, but only launches crouching opponents. So in effect d/f+4 is a specialty attack that is unfortunately launch punishable on block, but isn't useful enough to warrant that.

d+4 - This low attack is overall very poor compared to Raven's other low options. Only slightly faster than d/b+4 while having negative frames on hit and CH as well as -14 on block. This attack should closer to -12/13 on block.

d/b+4 - Requires a slightly longer ground stun so the opponent cannot fully escape follow-ups. On certain angles, an u/f+3 follow-up can fully miss leaving Raven open to launch punishment.

SDW b+2,(3) - Specifically in cases of SDW b+2,3, SDW b+2 should slightly lift the opponent slightly longer/higher to better guarantee SDW b+2,3 during combos where Raven crosses to the opponent's back.

b+3 - Should cause KND on CH, similar to other overhead, mid pressure kicks.

(u+3),D+3 - The low charge option should allow for Raven to attempt his unblockable as the animations are identical, e.g. d+1+2 and (u+3),D+3 look identical but only in the case of d+1+2 can Raven use his d+1+2~d,d/b,b,u/b,u,u/f,f+1+2 UB! attack.

d+1+2~d,d/b,b,u/b,u,u/f,f+1+2 - Since we're on the subject, let's make it so Raven has access to the UB! as long as he's ki charged, no need to manually d+1+2 charge before using, giving Raven a 7 second window to use it.

f,f,n,3+4 - The recovery of the attack should be slightly improved such that CH f,f,n,3+4, f,f+4 is again a combo.

Doppelganger - There's still substantial lag post hit on all doppelganger attacks (i.e. HAZ 1~f, u/b+1~f, etc.) such that there are really no solid 50/50 options post hit. Improving the recovery speed by even as little as two frames would help tremendously.

Suggested new moves:

SDW d+1+2 - Characters with real BT stances tend to have low reversals (Ling/Miharu) or extremely evasive attacks (Feng) to combat panic attacks against them, not to mention a good amount of stance characters have manual/automatic low reversal options in certain stances (Baek, Bears, Anna, Lei). Unfortunately Raven has neither and truthfully would benefit from the addition of either. Since Raven has obviously been built with reversals and escapes in mind (e.g. JF 1+2, JF qcf+1+2, b,b+2, b+1+3_2+4, SDW f+1+2) it just makes sense to give him a low reversal of out SDW.

f+4 - Due to the lack of quick KND/W! as well as overall poor punishment options for Raven, I'd like to see Raven receive a quick KND/W! kick, preferably at i13 (if high) or i14 (if mid), and -14 or -12 on block respectively. This move will replace the slower, more generic f+4 which would cover a few of Raven's deficiencies if it was faster.

1,2,1 - An extension to generic 1,2 where Raven ends with a b+1 attack. The final attack can be delayed and is otherwise identical to b+1, e.g. +frames on block, high, and KNDs on CH.

1,2,1+2 - An extension to generic 1,2 where Raven ends with a f+1+2 attack. The final attack can be delayed and is otherwise identical to f+1+2, e.g. safe on block, mid, and able to transition to doppelganger.

u/f+1+2 - Kunimitsu's u/f+1+2 throw, honestly have no idea why Kunimitsu has this but not Raven. The animation can be changed but the idea of leaving both characters BT with Raven at +1 is obviously great.